Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Plot summary for antisex

Uh I'm calling it antisex but originally it's called vanguard (elecom noob hackshield) anyways here's what's going on inside of it:

sending packet routine

2 bytes: total packet len
2 bytes: original packet len
2 bytes: 0xFACE (wtf is face -.-) fixed constant
rest of bytes: encrypted packet

encrypted packet routine

it's using rijndael (aes) encryption (16 bytes block size) 

4 bytes: total sent packet count (so basically its increasing on each packet send)
rest of bytes: original packet


when logging first to map server it's sending 10 bytes

first two bytes: 0xDEAD (ur dead noob asshole -.-!!) fixed constant
rest of bytes: harddrive serial number (it can be random)

Note: You have to find out key idc how you do it.

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