Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ragnarok Online monster size modifier

This program might sound an useless program but w/e, a friend asked for it since he was having difficulties to select some small mvps in huge mobs =P so it's for personal use but i thought some other ppl might like it as well x.x

In short it just modifies mobs' sprite size in client by using server packets =P. So it's not a hack or something. 

It's usage is simple; set ctool.ini (its pretty easy since there are bunch of examples in file) and then just inject dll file (any dll injector is fine) into client and there you go, also you don't need to restart client when you add new mobs to ctool.ini.

Note: There's high possibility for this tool to crash since client packet buffer size is 2048 bytes and it's injecting new packets illegally which might cause overflow -.-

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