Sunday, October 18, 2009

ONE-Downloader v1.00

Ok, first blog post and it's about useful program (at least for me =), anyway. This program downloads manga images from the most popular manga portal which is It's pretty easy to use; after adding manga sub link (for example naruto) and a few settings just start and wait for whole manga archive to download. It also checks manga updates without downloading whole images. In the settings dialog there are three update options. I guess no need to explain what is first option. <.< ... Update means; the program checks every manga image checksum (which is a lot of work and not recommended). Use this option if you think some of images are missing. And fast update means; the program only checks main folders of manga roots. (Use this option to check weekly updates) About source code; it's coded in pure c but compiled with c++ (mingw) If you're interested about source codes; あの, i dunno beg for it =D

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