Friday, October 30, 2009

Simple Executable Packer v0.01a

A simple windows .exe/.dll packer. (Compresses code section and your compiled binaries waste less space) Almost whole codes written in pure C and very minimal also understandable (which makes modifying very easy; like debugger traps, encryption etc.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Client Patcher

I coded this program long time ago but I think it's still good example for assembly language since it's coded in pure x86 asm.

Jenga Simulator

Poor commented but good usage of ray picking in OGL, ray-triangle intersection and physics engine

DS-OCR v0.52

This might be the dumbest program ever but some people might like it so I'm sharing it with source codes. Simply, it just analyses letters on ds emulator screen and puts them into a textbox so you can copy and paste on a translator like this and understand a game before they release engrish version x.x ... Anyway I'm just too lazy to explain program, if you're interested just check program no worries its pretty easy to use anyway. It's coded in visual basic so you can play on codes easily, たぶん .-. (Oh, btw google how to extract nftr from ds roms)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ONE-Downloader v1.00

Ok, first blog post and it's about useful program (at least for me =), anyway. This program downloads manga images from the most popular manga portal which is It's pretty easy to use; after adding manga sub link (for example naruto) and a few settings just start and wait for whole manga archive to download. It also checks manga updates without downloading whole images. In the settings dialog there are three update options. I guess no need to explain what is first option. <.< ... Update means; the program checks every manga image checksum (which is a lot of work and not recommended). Use this option if you think some of images are missing. And fast update means; the program only checks main folders of manga roots. (Use this option to check weekly updates) About source code; it's coded in pure c but compiled with c++ (mingw) If you're interested about source codes; あの, i dunno beg for it =D